About Us

Are you one of those who prefer to search the Internet instead of memorizing something for design or coding?

Did you find anything you found on the internet and say “I’ll find it again” or did you find it very difficult?

Sometimes we find what we are looking for in the first attempt, sometimes we find it very difficult to find. So it’s a big mistake to think that we can easily find what we’re looking for every time. Although the bookmark feature of browsers may seem like a solution at this point, it is difficult to manage bookmarks on a regular basis. It is inevitable that you will get lost between the bookmarks over time.

Here is fedkit.com; The members of the Front-End world appeared to avoid this error. Fedkit provides up-to-date articles on tools, resources and developments in the Front-End world. Fedkit; a kit for Front-End Developer and Front-End Designers.

Instead of adding useful tools to individual bookmarks, just add fedkit.com and easily access resources grouped by interest.

If you have an tool / resource that you like or use frequently, you can send an email to contact@fedkit.com and get it on fedkit.com.

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